by Tom Schulte Often very much akin to the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, especially in the vocal delivery, this group takes a more deconstructivist view toward their alt-soul material. That is, they go in for a less full sound with a more skeletal arrangement that allows space between one accentuating burst and another. Uptight is […]

the blackout

It’s no wonder The Blackout sounds familiar. Not only does Speedball Baby revel in the basic elements of rockabilly and blues-punk much like Jon Spencer Blues Explosion does, but two Jon Spencer Blues Explosion members play on this album. Jon Spencer and Judah Bauer are credited for having written the best songs, too: “Wanna Scratch […]


Tav Falco first felt the twinges of musical inspiration growing up in rural Arkansas, where he was drawn to the rustic blues and jazz forms that abounded in the Mississippi Delta area. While working as a brakeman on the Missouri Pacific railroad, Falco would hop rides into Memphis- where ?music was just in the air,? […]

Bob Log III – “Log Bomb” (Fat Possum Records) ODMETNI?KA ZNAMENJA

?ikica Simi? Razne subkulturalne skupine su plesale “horizontalni mambo” sa bluzom. Orgije su se uvek, kao ?to dolikuje, zavr?avale orgazmi?kim trijumfom. Pegavi, rahiti?ni engleski de?aci, gladni svega u posleratnoj bedi, ?ezdestih godina pro?log veka su, igraju?i skaredni ples sa bluzom izmislili muziku koju volimo. Se?ate se Rolingstounsa, Enimalsa, Jardberdsa, sastava Krim. Sli?ne posledice imao je […]


Q: Listening to your album, Bukka White’s Memphis Hot Shoes” comes to mind. Does he have any influence on you? A: I like Bukka. He plays fast & jumpy. Bukka got teeth. Q: How did you come up with the idea of wearing a helmet? A: It just feels right. Try it.


Recently a scientist (a real one) asked me what the deal was with the Scientists early stuff. He liked everything post “Swampland” but wasn’t sure about the lyrics in all those early songs with titles like “That Girl”, “Girl” and “Pretty Girl”. My answer was that I didn’t write those lyrics. The songs were written […]

bio AMG

To look at the career of the Scientists is, in essence, to look at the career of Kim Salmon, one of the most vibrant musical talents to emerge from Australia in the 1970s. Not that he was the only one. Nick Cave, for example, may have made more of a splash outside of the country, […]

fat possum bio

When Bob Log III was a child, he lost his left hand in a boating accident. It was soon replaced with a monkey paw, and a new guitar style was born. It’s my own personal style, see,” Log says, “the paw moves much quicker than a normal hand, so my real hand has to flop […]

Nomeansno: but Yes means Yes

by Kortney Jmaeff (April 2003) When uttering the words “Best Canadian Power Trio”, most plebian Canucks would primarily envisage Rush. For my money, however, the throaty bellows, funky distorted bass lines and battle-axe guitar choppings of Nomeansno slay Geddy’s cat-in-in-a-lawnmower vocals, cheesy magniloquent synthesizers, sci-fi dungeon and dragon ramblings any day of the week. For […]

Bassholes AMG

In the wake of the 1992 demise of the posthumously-fabled Gibson Bros., three bands that were to define the garage rock and blues music underground emerged ? Bassholes, ’68 Comeback, and the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. Of these outfits, Bassholes remained closest to the rural isolated vision of traditional American folk-blues while simultaneously taking the […]