About Alex (Aleksandar Delibašić) aka. Bad Music For Bad People (Bad Music / BMFBP)

I’m independent Rock’n’Roll promoter from Belgrade, Serbia; booking bands in former Yugoslavia/Balkans/Adriatic/Southeast Europe since 2001.
(Serbia, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Slovenia, Romania, Bulgaria, Montenegro etc.)

All my previously organized live music shows are listed @ portfolio.

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One thought on “About Alex (Aleksandar Delibašić) aka. Bad Music For Bad People (Bad Music / BMFBP)”

  1. Justin says:

    Hi There,

    For Belgrade/Serbia/places near, i am looking for a good booking/management agency for Komatsu. The band will tour europe in november, maybe you could get the band some shows in november/december allready.. Or for the beginning of 2014?

    In the attachement you will find some more info about the band in the form of a bio and presspic.

    Komatsu is a super-massive rockband from Eindhoven Rock-City in the Netherlands. Their music is a mix of sludge, stonerrock and metal. Komatsu released their full-length debut album “Manu Armata” in februari of 2013. “Manu Armata” has been well received by the international press and has gotten raving reviews. KOMATSU’s music-style has been compared to bands like Queens of the Stone Age, Torche, Mastodon, Monster Magnet and Karma to Burn.

    – videoclip: http://youtu.be/JenS5wxCnek – old song:http://youtu.be/nTn7JFw4Y_0 – new song, from their debutalbum: http://youtu.be/YSGuJrWJ6x4

    Hope i have informed you enough this way, hope you like the band and could find some cool dates in november, or maybe later this year/ 2014!
    The band love to tour Belgrade/Serbia Maybe as a support for an other well known band there or so?
    If you would like to recieve a demo or cd, please let me know man! Hope to hear from you.. Thanks in advance!


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