andre williams #1

Andre Williams doesn’t mince words. He doesn’t have time for that. He’s seen a promising R&B career go up in smoke, he’s fallen victim to drug addiction, and he’s spent more time hustling his way out of the gutter than he’d care to remember. So when this resuscitated soul man sings, he sings of his […]

Andre “Mr. Rhythm” Williams

?U odnosu na Andrea Williamsa Little Richard zvu?i kao Pat Boone? Lux Interior (THE CRAMPS) Black Godfather je ?56. imao hit na US R?n?B top ten ? ?Bacon Fat?. Sledile su ?Greasy Chicken?, ?Humpin, Bumpin? & Thumpin?? (nedavno ?pozajmljena? od Fat Boy Slima!!), ?Rib Tips?, ?Please Pass The Biscuits?, ?Jail Bait??


BASSHOLES + MONSIEUR JEFFREY EVANS: february 18th – belgrade @ akademija (support bands: petrol + gangbangers) + february 19th – novi sad @ enter (support bands: korozija + ns pistols) BBQ + THE MOJOMATICS: april 21st – kosovska mitrovica @ paladijum (support band: hosenfefer), april 22nd – belgrade @ akademija (support bands: darko d?ambasov + […]


SPEEDBUGGY: january 21st – belgrade @ dom omladine, january 22nd – kragujevac @ kutija ?ibica, january 23rd – mol @ anu?ka + january 24th – senta @ mojo HIC ET NUNC: march 4th – belgrade @ dom omladine, march 5th – zrenjanin @ mali gong, march 6th – senta @ mojo + march 7th – […]


THE HANGMEN: january 18th – senta @ mojo + january 19th – belgrade @ dom omladine (support band: dmt)


SPEEDBUGGY, USA: september 15th – novi sad @ ns time (support band: dmt) + september 16th – belgrade @ dom omladine (support band: ventolin)


COSMIC PSYCHOS: september 29th – belgrade @ skc (support band: borise decko borise) + october 2nd – novi sad @ scena (support bands: concrete worms + dmt)


A punk guitar album? Well, in its purest form that is what The Good * The Bad * The Ugly is and why it is such an outstanding disc. Each track here is constructed around Vincent’s expert ability to craft old-school punk hooks – the ones that made his original band the Testors such a […]

Blood Red River: 1982-1984, Citadel, November 2000

In 1984 The Scientists exchanged a promising future as Australian ?pub rock? icons for relative obscurity in Britain, all on the strength of one glowing review of their Mini LP ?Blood Red River? from NME?s Barney Hoskins.

Sonny Vincent – bio

This is a brief outline of Sonny Vincent’s history, to some it may read like the perfect script for a movie about a Rock’n’Roll desperado on his way to becoming an icon. But this story is not from any movie folks or about any media hype, it’s about the real thing? A real rock’n’roll hero […]