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whiskez avengers

Out of the scum and smut peddlers that lurk in the allies of the music industries a band of heroes has risen to fight decreasing record sales and mediocre musical trends brought upon by commercial monopolies who’s piss n’ dribble continues to trickle down on our DJ’s, promoters, venues, and radio stations. We live in a world of musical crisis and these noble musicians are here to serve and protect your right to earn a living and enjoy musical freedom. Northern California natives the Whiskey Avengers have been spilling their infectious music out of the local dives and on to the streets since early 2006. This young group is held together by a band of six seasoned players and performers with a total of four music degrees and a decade of touring. This allegiance of musical madmen has brought together a unique blend of every style you can shake a butt at. They have been steadily pelting nightclubs, backyards and watering holes along the west coast supporting such acts as the Aggrolites, Abstract Rude, the Real McKenzie’s and Jeru the Damaja, and continue to work hard expanding across the globe. Their first release under their very own Roof Rock Records ‘Round 1’ is a drunken journey through traditional ska, reggae, soul, and hip-hop. ‘Round 1’ has scene independent success in local record stores and online with itunes and CD baby. It earned them a reader’s choice award for best local band in San Jose’s own Metro weekly newspaper, as well as international interest with Phonocaster records out of Berlin. The European Tour is set to kick off mid October of ’07. Whiskey Avengers has vowed to stand the musical tests of time by harboring a diverse repertoire that can cater to many different audiences ranging from young to old. By Offering the simple catchy anthems of reggae, the rhythms of traditional ska, the urban edge of underground hip-hop, the intensity of punk, and authenticity of folk music they promise a few tears and a laugh before they drink you under the table. Not to mention a clever collection of covers that will keep any crowd crooning into the night. They carry an arsenal of instruments including the upright bass, guitar, keys, sax, banjo, accordion, samplers, turntables, and plenty of things to beat on. All of this will be heard on the highly anticipated ‘Round 2,’ expected to be released late ’07. In the meantime the Whiskey Avengers will strive to continue out their mission and call upon all those who wish to support musical conquest. If you offer product sponsorship, booking, management, tour support, distribution or merchandising you are all encouraged to play a part in the vision of the Whiskey Avengers. They will in turn help you and your business in any way through the power of song, which is greatly underestimated in today’s nano-second attention span society. So c’mon you Scallywags, Skankers, and Swashbucklers, hop on board before you miss the boat. Swoop a strumpet, swallow a shot and pass the duchy. Bottoms Up!


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