Well Rome’s premier killed by death purveyors, TAXI, have came a long way since Dead Beat released their debut LP/CD ‘Like A Dog’ in February of 2003. This debut recieved some phenomenal press from a band that, to many, seemed to have literaly come out of nowhere. Pretty much unknow when that debut was released, their international fan base has grown immensely in the past year and a half.

Their music is real, their attitude is natural and most of all they play catchy, vintage sounding punk without coming off as another silly retro/throwback punk band. TAXI have their own unique style and sound that’s influenced by classic bands like Eater, PVC, the Testors, Chosen Few, Unnatural Axe and the Vibrators…And they just come off sounding like one of the best bands from the late 70’s.

A few months after ‘Like A Dog” was released, TAXI were content on bringin their noise to the US. In August 2003 they did a west coast tour playing with many notable Dead Beat bands including the Radio Reelers, Black Jetts, knockout Pills and Smut Peddlers. TAXI was here to prove that Rome can’t be crossed off the punk rock map just yet….AND THEY DID! Word was spreading fast, and the phenomenal press continued:

I personally haven’t heard punk played or written like this in YEARS!!!
Total style, hooks…comes off natural and sexy…!!! Christ, why don’t we have bands like this next door??? – MAXIMUM ROCK N ROLL

There are alot of killers here (each song!) – NO BRANS FANZINE

It’s amazing. You’ve gotta hear it. Degenerate sounds that would make Lee Ving proud!! – ODDYSSEY WEBZINE

There are very few bands coming outta Euro-land these days that actually know how to punk it up and deliver, but TAXI is one of them. – DOTDASH.COM

Let me start out by saying their record fucking rules…This could be record of the year! – NOW WAVE

It’s a modern day classic folks, and it’s from Italy! – HORIZONTAL ACTION

Well TAXI are back and bring us 2 more trax (Who’s To Blame B/W Down By Love) on this LIMITED EDITION 7″ to help the TAXI crew with their upcoming midwest/east coast US tour. One time press of 1000 copies folks, and once they’re gone…they’re gone! 2 more bass heavy blasts of razor sharp, mid-tempo punk from Romes finest! – Tom Spencer

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